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[RECORDING] WESAK 2023 Part 2 - Special Initiation from Shakyamuni, Amitabha Buddha and Kwan Yin

Replay available till 3 June, 2023 SGT

The once-a-year Grand Ceremony takes place in the cosmic dimension located in a secret and sacred location of the Himalaya mountain valley. This ceremony is attended by humans, physically in-person or remote, light beings, Gods and Goddesses, Devas, Angels, Dragons, Star Nations, Buddhas of various Worlds, Bodhisattvas, Siddhas and many uncountable Great Ones. For those who have attended in the past, I have been told that 2023 will be different during the Grand Ceremony and soul journey. 

This ceremony will include the recitation of sacred mantras, activations, and meditations. This is to clear our thoughts, energy bodies, chakras and align ourselves to soul travel during a guided meditation to the Wesak Valley in Himalayas for attending the grand ceremony.

The empowerment and blessing from Shakyamuni Buddha and Great Masters will last for 1 year from the date of ceremony till the next Wesak.

Attendees will be guided through a special soul journey meditation to receive Lord Buddha's transmission. This ceremony supports a wide range of seekers; People who are new and needing support in spiritual practices, and practitioners who are already on the path coming here to renew and strengthen their devotions on the path of awakening and self-liberation.