$60.00 SGD

[RECORDING] WESAK 2023 Part 1 - Desire Fulfilling & Karmic Cleansing

Replay till 3 June, 2023 SGT

The spiritual-energetic theme for 2023 is "TRANSITIONAL METAMORPHOSIS"! Receive spiritual guidance, mantra healing and empowerment, messages and light language transmissions in the presence of Great Masters such as Kwan Yin, Medicine Buddha, Amitabha Buddha, Goddess Taras, Buddhas, and Holy Siddhas. We are challenged by our attachments and desires of this world, and unable to raise our consciousness due to an egoistic mind (the know-it-all person). We often too react and suffer in pain, fear, separation consciousness, anger and many more negative emotions, thoughts and actions.

These repetitive, often addictive actions cause our spiritual realisations to be dampened and delayed. To elevate ourselves from these negative influences, we need to rise above dualism and even beyond emptiness. 

Reciting mantras is one powerful way of helping us transcend.